Thursday, November 24, 2011


The building work that began back in August 2011 has been progressing very quickly. We've been taking photographs every few weeks to chart the progress of the project. Each time I visit, it feels tremendously exciting to see the new spaces emerge from the old. Below are a few photos showing the changes that are afoot.

The museum entrance August 2011.
The art gallery entrance August 2011.
The old art gallery entrance will soon be gone. The museum entrance will be extended to make a new entrance and shop.

By the end of August the internal spaces of the Art Gallery & Museum were completely stripped back.

Removing the staircase
September 2011
 The main stairs in the art gallery foyer will make way for new gallery space.

No. 33 in July 2011
No. 33 has been demolished.
Seating for the new cafe will be here.

There is lots of work being done on the roof. November 2011

Floorboards are up in the Victorian house as new wiring goes in. November 2011
It is odd to find that buildings we have been so familiar with for so many years are no longer so familiar. Stairways and doorways have been blocked up, whilst new ones are beginning to appear. There are weeks and months of building work still to come. We look forward to seeing even more dramatic change in the near future.